Latium Advisor John McAfee

John McAfee — Latium Advisor

Hello Everyone!

The Latium Token Sale is coming soon and we would like to tell you more about our advisory board.

As all of you probably know, John McAfee, Founder of McAfee Anti-Virus and Chief Cybersecurity Visionary for MGT Capital Investments Inc., became an advisor for the Latium Project in September.

John has long since been a proponent of decentralization and blockchain technology. Latium, as a decentralized tasking platform working to make blockchain and crypto currencies more widespread and accepted throughout the world, has been a wonderful pairing with John.

The name John McAfee and security go hand in hand and it is difficult to find a person who does not hear his name in context of the tech industry and relate it to his exceptional antivirus software.

Years after establishing his company in 1987, blockchain technology caught his eye. Last year he became the Chief Cybersecurity Visionary forMGT Capital Investments Inc. and turned the former video-game company into a cybersecurity firm. He is also co-founder and director of McAfeeXL which is an investment social network and content rewards platform which makes the crowd the beneficiaries of the attention economy. John is serious about blockchain technology and is invested in it’s success.

John McAfee — Latium Advisor

After becoming exposed to the Latium Project and learning what the team desires to accomplish, John decided to become an advisor to the project.

“The Latium project is one that has immense potential and a real-world application,” said McAfee. “Disruptive technology is the future and Latium provides the means to disrupt current labor structures and create a truly open and fair labor market for the entire globe.”

“Latium is using the Blockchain to change the way people work, organize, and market their ideas. I’m very excited to be working with these guys and I look forward to assisting in this groundbreaking project.”

We are excited to have John be a part of the team and want to thank him for his support! We will be publishing more stories about our advisory team in the coming days.

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