Beta Update: Internal Exchange

Without further adieu, we have the pleasure of announcing the latest Beta update to the Latium Platform! The prominence of this update is due in part to the inclusion of the much anticipated Internal Exchange! Internal Exchange Operating in similar manner to other Over the Counter (OTC) exchanges in place today, the Latium Internal Exchange will launch with Latium (LATX) and Ethereum (ETH) pairings supported at this time. Further tokens are currently under review and consideration for further integration to

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Internal Exchange: Application to the Latium Tasking Platform

As many of our community participants have heard made mention in previous articles seen below, the development and implementation of an internal, over the counter exchange environment has been under consideration, research and likewise development and design for quite some time. It has been our goal to ensure that the necessary foundation for general public, daily use adoption is in place via multiple tools and communicative options included within the Latium tasking platform. One recent update inclusion, the chat function,

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LiveCoin + Latium: Listing Announcement

LATX is now live w/ We are happy to announce that the LATX token is now listed with LiveCoin! As a top 50 cryptocurrency exchange, at the time of this writing they currently sit at just over $37,000,000 daily volume among various pairings. Currently, LiveCoin holds over 300 pairings within their exchange architecture. You can find ETH and BTC trade pairs for LATX here: We feel this is a greatstep towards our longterm vision and goals for the

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Upcoming Latium AMA Live via Youtube

The Latium team would like to announce our first LIVE AMA (Ask Me Anything) via Youtube Live! Hosted by our very own CEO, David Johnson, we will be utilizing questions sourced directly from the community regarding the current state of Latium, the Beta release and our longterm vision for the platform and brand. Scheduled Date: April 21st, 1:00 PM EST Live Platform: Youtube Live via: Question Preparation: We would love to hear from our community of users, and likewise ask

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