Holding Rewards + Founders Lockup Extension

Get PAID for Hodl’ing! Get PAID for HODLING! As has been made mention in previous telegram discussions, as well as our previous livestream AMA, we have gathered and reviewed feedback from our community and utilized it to create a structure for holding rewards within the Latium platform. We truly believe this is a unique and positive initiative for our current and future platform users. Should our users share in our long-term vision for the Latium platform, we feel it is appropriate

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Proof of Human: A Necessary Feature in a Digital World

PoH: Proof of Human It is with great pleasure and excitement that we officially announce the release of the highly anticipated feature, Proof of Human (PoH)! As one of the most vocally requested and discussed platform features, Proof of Human has been an ongoing labor of love as we continue to strive for the most robust, efficient and secure tasking platform available today. But without further delay, let’s jump right in and go over the changes. The Need for Verification Proof

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