Internal Exchange: Application to the Latium Tasking Platform

As many of our community participants have heard made mention in previous articles seen below, the development and implementation of an internal, over the counter exchange environment has been under consideration, research and likewise development and design for quite some time.

It has been our goal to ensure that the necessary foundation for general public, daily use adoption is in place via multiple tools and communicative options included within the Latium tasking platform.

One recent update inclusion, the chat function, has allowed for both task creator and task participants to communicate any and all specific needs or changes that may arise during a task’s lifetime. While this is a necessary function of the platform, another prerequisite to ensure timely task creation is the inclusion of the Internal Exchange.

In the average scenario that Latium will see usage, an employer seeking task participants signs up to the platform, with the intention of creating a specific task. However, many users are not knowledgeable enough to acquire LATX via a traditional cryptocurrency exchange, or simply do not wish to take the time necessary to do so. Through an internal exchange system embedded within Latium, an employer has no mandatory need to leave the platform in any way, allowing for a seamless experience from start to finish.

LATX, Example structure of the internal exchange (invalid pricing for example purposes only)

ETH, Example structure of the internal exchange (invalid pricing for example purposes only)

The operation of the exchange is such that it will operate in similar nature to many “Over the Counter” or OTC exchanges already in operation in various outlets today. Employees and employers alike may utilize the exchange at their preference for liquidity of various tokens as they are added, with our primary focus remaining on LATX and it’s utilization within the platform ecosystem.

Operating with ZERO fees and ZERO commissions, the ordering system remains seamless and user friendly, ensuring new users are not held up through a lengthy or complicated currency acquisition system.

We are happy to announce this as an AHEAD of schedule release, as noted in our schedule roadmap seen below:

Latium Roadmap

In an evolving exchange landscape with unreliable customer support and listing processes from many exchanges, we truly believe that enabling a repository exchange option for our users will have a positive effect on the platform usage.

Allowing for a multiple of goals and purposes, the exchange further drives liquidity of the LATX token while continuing to ensure easy acquisition and usage.

Many other communities and token projects will likewise be able to take advantage of this opportunity by further allowing for liquidity and trading options for their respective community of users. At Latium, we are more than open to discussions with interested projects which meet our standards. We wholeheartedly recommend interested tokens and staff to further pursue the options and availability specific to this exchange opportunity.

At Latium we truly aim to accomplish great things in 2018 and beyond. In summary, we aim to:

  • Disrupt the gig-economy workforce and available options market by creating and deploying the next generation, one to many task creation platform.
  • Further expand cryptocurrencies as a payment source to allow for daily use adoption of blockchain technologies and associated token solutions by the general public.
  • Foster further community, collaborative effort among other similarly like minded and focused projects by inclusion to our internal, Over the Counter (OTC) exchange trading environment.

Thank you for your interest in the the Latium platform. As always you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat and Discord for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.

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