A New Trading Experience: Advanced Exchange Release

The advanced exchange update has descended upon the Latium.org platform and is now LIVE! The Latium team has been hard at work on a host of platform feature developments, not the least of which is the advanced exchange environment for our community. Many of our users wanted a more traditional exchange environment that they were not only more familiar with, but also could take advantage of more advanced features for trading. We agree with our community and wanted to provide this

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Proof of Human: a New Blockchain, a New Economy, a New Future

While our foundation has been as a gig-economy tasking platform, Latium continues to evolve as much, much more. While feature development and platform expansion has continued at a rapid pace, we’ve been working behind the scenes on exciting, new concepts to further shape and influence the future of Latium for our community of users. As we forge ahead with the core intent of progressing the general adoption of crypto to an international audience, we continue to refine that process by

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Latium: Growth in Review

Thanks for growing with us at Latium! Latium has continued to see absolutely phenomenal growth in the last week alone! As feature development and platform updates continue, the recent expansion within the user community and platform registrations has continued to grow at an unprecedented rate. For the entire Latium team, this recent growth continues to be an immensely valuable test of marketing, technical and support scaling efforts. Increasing staffing as necessary, the team worked around the clock to ensure a reliable

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