Livestream AMA: June Updates with David Johnson

Recently, Latium’s CEO & Co-Founder David Johnson conducted a quick Ask Me Anything (AMA) Livestream event on our YouTube profile, as noted below. We’d like to present some of the key points discussed and raised in its duration for further review to our community base. June 27th Livestream Event Summary of Key Points To summarize, here are some of the key points raised and discussed during the AMA video recap above. App Development Delay: Unfortunately the scheduled release for mobile apps

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Blox: A Real-World Use Case Scenario

Latium + Blox As many of our users are aware, the core features and development efforts at Latium entail the creation and expansion of tools to the platform allowing for a more diverse and extensive daily use case scenario for our current and prospective users. From ongoing dashboard updates, to the internal exchange and upcoming Proof of Human, our features developed are focused on ensuring our users are able to efficiently create, and accomplish, tasks with ease. It is our pleasure

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Latium Referrals & Site Restructure

In case you were not aware, recently we released further updates to the internal exchange, as well as further updates and refinements to the overall platform menu and profile structure. You may find more info here: With that said, the primary focus of this article today is two fold and will discuss: Latium Referral System Recent Site & Link Restructure Changes Let’s dive right into it! Latium Referral System As many users have requested for quite some time, the first iteration

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