The DEATH of the Full Time Employee:

How can you diversify your work & experience? The last several years have seen some of the most major innovations and changes to the employment landscape as we know it. What was once a minimal aspect of part time employment has now cemented itself as a foundational method of both supplementing, and at times replacing entirely, traditional career paths and options. This opportunity developing industry is known as the “Gig Economy” and has done it’s fair share of adding to…

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Your Rolex may be fake…You’re followers don’t have to be.

The Rise of the Influencer It’s no secret that with the rise of the “social media influencer” many more lucrative and long term career opportunities have flourished for a wide variety of industries throughout the internet. Whether we are actively aware of it or not, many of social media’s top accounts subliminally (and at times blatantly) sell us products, brands and services on a near constant basis. At times this is welcomed. At other times it becomes another piece of

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Latium: Redevelop & Redeploy

The largest Update Since Release Redesign, Refresh, Redevelop & Redeploy From 17′ to Now The Latium platform has come a long way since it’s early alpha in late 2017. Let’s take a look at some of the changes Latium has been through since it’s early beginning, to better understand the process and efforts regarding our latest batch of development updates. If you just want to get right to the update and full explanations of many of the new features available, go ahead and

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