Latium Web Update – Aug. 31st, 2018

We’re introducing some new features and updates to the web platform and are exciting to unveil them to our community! Without further delay, here are the updated features and refinements to the Latium web access version. Overview of Updates Before going into detail of some of the new feature updates, below is the overview of the updates to the platform: – Coin Cards (which also have your referral link tied to it) – Real Time pricing on the Exchange –

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Latium: Bringing Crypto to the Masses

As noted during our ongoing social media outlet coverage, the Latium team’s recent trip to Singapore and Thailand was one of exceedingly great opportunity, exposure and best yet: Expansion. As we have been almost entirely focused on foundational platform development, we had not yet reached out into some of the other far reaching opportunities, ensuring that not only the timing was right, but that also the core facets of the platform were in place to both acquire and retain a

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Latium: USDt Support

Latium now supports…Tether! As we continue development of the Latium Internal Exchange, our goal is to ensure that multiple currencies and features are supported to allow for an easier and pain-free exchange experience for our users. With that said, it is with great pleasure that we announce the official addition of USDt, Tether to the wallet and exchange environment at Latium! USDt is now available in both the internal exchange, as well as the dashboard wallets section. USDt Wallet First,

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