Latium Update: Featuring Filters & Mass Actions

Our latest update to both the web platform and android application has recently launched and comes with it some great, new features for the Latium tasking platform! Filters and Mass Actions Our focus of the most recent platform updates revolves around task management within the Latium tasking platform. Previously, employers were forced to manage each contract individually, causing some, at times, tedious micromanagement of each applicant and task participant. With the recent release, we looked to improve this process for the

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100,000 Users: A MOMENTOUS Accomplishment!

100,000 Registered Users to the Platform! Thank you for being here with us! The Latium team has been hard at work with foundational platform development, expansion and feature refinement. During this ongoing process we’ve also had the pleasure to attend numerous industry blockchain conferences as we progress our marketing efforts and userbase notoriety. To say the results have been tremendous is an understatement! We are truly honored and humbled to have such a large, diverse community behind us as we

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