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Latium is the best place to find freelance producer jobs, freelance software testing jobs in Singapore and much more!

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Services on Latium

List Your Services on Latium Today Freelancers now have the ability to list their Services on Latium! Listing your Service allows you to highlight your skills to prospective employers where they can review and hire you directly to complete projects. You have 3 package options to be sure to provide exactly what the employer is looking for. Utilize multiple package types to provide more options and higher priced Services Visit Latium today to list your services and be available for

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Tips For a More Remote Friendly Office

Tips For a More Remote Friendly Office What was initially only affecting a handful of countries and areas has spread across the globe. COVIID-19 has affected everyone around the world in one way or another as we all are forced to live, and work, in quarantine and isolation. While this may be nothing new for those already well acquainted with working from home, to others this is a much more daunting and foreign concept. As businesses rush to implement remote, teleworking

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COVID-19 Effects on Remote Freelancing Internationally

COVID-19 Effects on Remote Freelancing Internationally COVID-19 Across the Globe The far reaching effects of the COVID-10 Corona Virus have swept across the globe, forcing a great majority of the global population to live, and work, in virtual isolation. Except for mandatory, essential positions, many of the global and particularly US population are working remotely for the first time during their careers. But what are some of the short and long term lasting effects of a global pandemic of this scale?

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Your Rolex may be fake…You’re followers don’t have to be.

The Rise of the Influencer It’s no secret that with the rise of the “social media influencer” many more lucrative and long term career opportunities have flourished for a wide variety of industries throughout the internet. Whether we are actively aware of it or not, many of social media’s top accounts subliminally (and at times blatantly) sell us products, brands and services on a near constant basis. At times this is welcomed. At other times it becomes another piece of

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