Proof of Human: A Necessary Feature in a Digital World

PoH: Proof of Human

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we officially announce the release of the highly anticipated feature, Proof of Human (PoH)! As one of the most vocally requested and discussed platform features, Proof of Human has been an ongoing labor of love as we continue to strive for the most robust, efficient and secure tasking platform available today. But without further delay, let’s jump right in and go over the changes.

The Need for Verification

Proof of Human developed from the ongoing need for verification of tasking contract participants within the Latium platform. Many existing blockchain industry, as well as traditional, platforms and services suffer from an ongoing and major struggle: Verification.

While Latium allows for the contract tasking creation of one to one, or one to many, regarding ongoing tasks and requests, at times users may attempt to duplicate these efforts as a way to gain the system and increase their rewards. This further detracts from the value and efficiency of the platform and diminishes the desire from employers to utilize this method of tasking. The reality of the digital tasking landscape, be it cryptocurrency related or not, is such that this remains a real, valid & ongoing need within the industry today.

Just what IS Proof of Human?

Proof of Human is a quick, voluntary method of verification that allows for users to easily verify the validity of their account and negate any possibility of duplicate entries within the system. Through a series of quick, minor head movements with the users webcam, members are able to create a digital identity stored to the Latium database.

Through a growing user involvement, the database of users is able to expand and further add validity and legitimacy to individual contract tasking accounts across the platform.

This further will expand and allow for employers to elect to ONLY hire those with proof of human verification if they choose to do so. While the contract task payout may be expected to be more by the userbase for this voluntarily completed verification, the employers can rest easy knowing that each task participant is a unique individual account.

But rather than just talk about it, let’s walk through an example!

You’ll notice an additional change to your profile dashboard options, specifically the inclusion of an option called, “Get Verified”. To start, let’s go ahead and press the accompanying button provided.

Get Verified Now

After selecting, “Get Verified” you will be presented with the following screen to test and verify your camera’s action. This will ensure the platform has access to your webcam and can proceed with the remaining steps necessary.

Please allow access to your Webcam

After selecting, “Activate Webcam” you will need to frame your head and shoulders within the window to look similar in nature to the accompanying Latium avatar on screen. When you are satisfied, select to take a photo and our system will verify the quality and framing is satisfactory.

A successful camera quality test

Next you will be presented with the Latium avatar creating head movements while being able to practice the same movements tracked in parallel. Try to look as directly at your webcam as possible, while tracking the movement seen on screen. When you are ready, you can select, “Start Now” and create the necessary video verification for your account.

Proof of Human in Action
Left head movement within Proof of Human
Up head movement within Proof of Human

After completing the necessary head movements as requested on screen, you will be presented with the following options. You have the opportunity to review your created video to ensure the head movements closely mimic the requested head actions of the onscreen avatar. If satisfied with your work, you may submit for verification to the Proof of Human system.

Compare the video and submit if satisfied

A quick Proof of Human addition

And that’s it! Utilizing key biometric data and facial recognition, Proof of Human will continue to ensure that each individual account is legitimate and individual, further adding value to each contract tasking participant. The same user managing multiple verified accounts will no longer be a possibility as our ongoing refined and innovative verification system will continue to act as the gate keeper and filter to such nefarious efforts. As employers create diverse and more extensive tasking campaigns, the option to select verified Proof of Human participants EXCLUSIVELY will continue to be seen in more frequency.

We truly believe that the ongoing Proof of Human integration and development will continue to ensure the security of the participants involved while further adding a verification of trust for larger and more extensively rewarded contract tasks. With further verification and reputation features in place, employers will have an ongoing reason for diminishing hesitation to utilize the Latium platform for more high end and invested tasks.

Regarding the Proof of Human Data

As we integrate these exciting features, we want to take a moment to ensure that users are clear on the exact data that is created & utilized, as well as dispel any misconceptions that any of our users may have.

While we have gone over what Proof of Human IS, let’s go over what Proof of Human is NOT, specifically:

  • NOT facial recognition to government or institutional databases
  • NOT tied to private data

The Proof of Human process is creating a digital image / video to ensure a true, live person is on the other end of the contract tasking procedure. This is tied to biometric data to ensure that another user cannot go through the same process and create a duplicate snapshot without being noted within the system.

This is, and remains, the entire purpose of Proof of Human and our desire is to ensure our users are aware of that moving forward. We fully understand the concerns and real world application of data creation within the digital world we live in. This is the primary reason why Proof of Human will always remain optional and voluntary. While employers can choose to ONLY hire those that have gone through the verification process, contract tasking participants will never be forced to verify unless they choose to do so.

Verified Referral Information

With the release of the verification opportunities of Proof of Human, we are also able to begin rolling out more direct signup initiatives for our userbase. Previously, users were only able to earn LATX from referrals as they utilized the platform for tasking. Now, with the ability to ensure duplicate accounts are not utilized, We will be initially rolling out the referral system where each party receives 10 LATX for a VERIFIED referral.

For instance, if Verified User “A” refers user “B”, at time of user “B” verifying through Proof of Human, both parties will receive 10 LATX. We believe this will further drive ongoing, and most importantly, VERIFIED user acquisition and platform involvement for the future of the Latium tools and resources.

But wait, there’s more!

While Proof of Human was undoubtedly the most anticipated and vocalized feature integration, we have managed to push some more features and changes that we are likewise excited to bring to your attention.

Task Upload Process

Another commonly requested update from our direct community was regarding the initial task creation and upload process. In our ongoing effort for further efficiency and ease of use, we have begun this process of ensuring it is easier and more accessible for our users.

When you initially create a task, you will notice a different, more refined process as seen below.

The initial Create A Task screen

What you’ll find different is that a more logical and easier to understand task creation process presents itself. With the ability to better define a cover image, users are able to better brand their task to help stand apart from the growing list of new tasks to the Latium platform. Secondly, steps for the task are able to be defined in written and media form, as seen in a test task upload below.

The Bear & the Bull as a header image
The ability to add several defined steps for users to follow

After a well defined description, header image, and likewise logical steps necessary addition, the employer is now presented with familiar screens for the remaining steps before upload.

Task Settings, Budget, and final home page thumbnail

This is the first in many ongoing platform refinements and updates as we continue to ensure the user experience is as pain free and efficient as possible. Through extensive UX and overall application experience, internal testing, and direct community feedback and review, the Latium platform will continue to refine and showcase its strengths and possibilities to the world.

ERC20 Token Exchange Support

Since the inception of the internal exchange option to the Latium platform, it has been our ongoing goal to allow for a more diverse and longer list of tokens available for support. It is our belief that this will continue to entice and add value to the internal exchange option for our community users. Many positive aspects are noted, not the least of which includes:

  • Flexibility of acquiring initial LATX
  • Feeless transfer user to user within platform
  • Expanded shared token community support
  • More extensive Over the Counter (OTC) trade options

We have developed the administrative backend of our platform to allow for a quick and seamless addition of any ERC20 token, allowing for flexibility of listing options for ongoing partnership or listing opportunities.

The first addition to the platform will be: OmiseGo (OMG)

We will continue to expand our offerings within the internal exchange, while also allowing for token projects and platforms to apply for listing in the near future as well.

We appreciate the ongoing positive feedback and community support as we continue to expand our platform feature offerings while advancing the accessibility to cryptocurrencies to the general public. We are happy with the current pacing and state of our development progress and look forward to many more announcements and updates in the future.

Thank you for your interest in the the Latium platform. As always you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat and Discord for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.

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