Freelancer’s Guide to the Latium Platform

With many of the updates recently to the Latium platform, Freelancers have more opportunities to work and earn within the Latium Freelancing platform. Today, we present a guide on how to quickly get started earning and working with Latium. Signing Up To get started, first go to and select “Sign Up Free” Select “Sign Up Free”. From the “Sign-Up” page you will be presented with a relatively standard set of registration fields for creation of a Latium Freelancing account. Signup

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The DEATH of the Full Time Employee:

How can you diversify your work & experience? The last several years have seen some of the most major innovations and changes to the employment landscape as we know it. What was once a minimal aspect of part time employment has now cemented itself as a foundational method of both supplementing, and at times replacing entirely, traditional career paths and options. This opportunity developing industry is known as the “Gig Economy” and has done it’s fair share of adding to…

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Latium Beta Release is now LIVE!

While it has been a long time coming, we are happy to announce that all previously scheduled roadmap milestones have been achieved, with the next to be completed action item within Q1 seeing real world application today as previously announced in our Beta Sneak Peek article previously. Without further adieu it is with great excitement that we are pleased to announce the Latium Beta platform is now Live! Please feel free to visit at: Here at Latium we have always

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Refresh, Reinvigorate & Release: The Latium Beta is Almost Here!

As many of you may have seen in one of our previous posts, Latium has completed a refresh and brand image update recently. This is to keep in line with our long term vision, as well as ensure that our marketing and brand imagery is in parallel with these ideals moving forward. For more info, please see the previous post below: We would like to take this opportunity to announce that the Beta release of Latium will be released on

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