The 10 Best Freelance Marketing Jobs You Can Find

New jobs are popping up in the marketing world every day. From social media manager to brand strategist, there’s a wide variety of roles and responsibilities you can take on as a marketer. But where do you begin your job search? If you’re ready to transition into a career as a freelance marketer, we can help. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 freelance marketing jobs. Whether you have experience working in this field or not, these roles can

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The Latium AI-Based Reputation Score

In the early days of internet commerce, customer and user reviews were critical to the evaluation of a person or product. These reviews allowed you to research the quality of a product, or whether a person providing a service was trustworthy and good at their job. Nearly every platform where people provide a product or service utilizes a rating system. This is the cornerstone of sites like Ebay, Amazon, Freelancer, and many others. Ratings and reviews have served a very

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