Platform Update: Screenshot Proof

With the latest update to the Latium web platform and mobile android application we have unveiled: Screenshot Proof Submission! As we continue to update the Latium tasking platform, it is our desire and goal to ensure the most efficient and effective workflow for our employers and employees utilizing the Latium ecosystem. Our latest update allows an employer to require screenshot proofs for tasks completed, as well as the ability to reject and require updated screenshots showing the work completed. The

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Identity Currency (IC): YOUR Currency Starts Now

Identity Currency (IC) Proof of Human is about establishing Digital Identity As many of you may be aware, we launched a preview video in the past regarding some of the expansive, future visions for the Latium ecosystem. One integral part of these changes is the addition of individual currencies tied to the work output and reputation of individuals within the Latium tasking platform. With the beginning of the new year we will launch the start of these changes with the addition of

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100,000 Users: A MOMENTOUS Accomplishment!

100,000 Registered Users to the Platform! Thank you for being here with us! The Latium team has been hard at work with foundational platform development, expansion and feature refinement. During this ongoing process we’ve also had the pleasure to attend numerous industry blockchain conferences as we progress our marketing efforts and userbase notoriety. To say the results have been tremendous is an understatement! We are truly honored and humbled to have such a large, diverse community behind us as we

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Latium: Growth in Review

Thanks for growing with us at Latium! Latium has continued to see absolutely phenomenal growth in the last week alone! As feature development and platform updates continue, the recent expansion within the user community and platform registrations has continued to grow at an unprecedented rate. For the entire Latium team, this recent growth continues to be an immensely valuable test of marketing, technical and support scaling efforts. Increasing staffing as necessary, the team worked around the clock to ensure a reliable

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Latium Web Update – Aug. 31st, 2018

We’re introducing some new features and updates to the web platform and are exciting to unveil them to our community! Without further delay, here are the updated features and refinements to the Latium web access version. Overview of Updates Before going into detail of some of the new feature updates, below is the overview of the updates to the platform: – Coin Cards (which also have your referral link tied to it) – Real Time pricing on the Exchange –

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Latium: Bringing Crypto to the Masses

As noted during our ongoing social media outlet coverage, the Latium team’s recent trip to Singapore and Thailand was one of exceedingly great opportunity, exposure and best yet: Expansion. As we have been almost entirely focused on foundational platform development, we had not yet reached out into some of the other far reaching opportunities, ensuring that not only the timing was right, but that also the core facets of the platform were in place to both acquire and retain a

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