100,000 Users: A MOMENTOUS Accomplishment!

100,000 Registered Users to the Latium.org Platform!

Thank you for being here with us!

The Latium team has been hard at work with foundational platform development, expansion and feature refinement. During this ongoing process we’ve also had the pleasure to attend numerous industry blockchain conferences as we progress our marketing efforts and userbase notoriety. To say the results have been tremendous is an understatement! We are truly honored and humbled to have such a large, diverse community behind us as we continue to progress the general adoption of the Latium platform and most importantly cryptocurrency usage to the general public audience across the globe!

We are truly honored and humbled to have such a large, diverse community behind us…

100,000 Registered Users

Today we are happy to announce we have crossed the 100,000 registered user threshold for the platform available at Latium.org. Each and every user has helped us accomplish this momentous undertaking! We thank you for being here with us and believing in the longterm vision we are enacting with the Latium project. We’ve set significant goals for the future and continued to cement ourselves within the industry to help foster the general adoption and most importantly utilization of cryptocurrency within the daily lives of so many users.

Each and every user has helped us accomplish this momentous undertaking!

From our humble beginnings, to solidifying advisors and associations, we have come quite far, and have no intention of stopping! As we look to the future of the project we will continue to drive the catalyst and momentum we’ve seen in the last few months. Our daily focus both while attending conferences and in our development offices is to further assist in driving both employees and employers to the platform for tasking purposes. While the tasking platform is just ONE feature of the Latium umbrella, we also continue to add and build out an expansive feature set unheard of within this industry space. From multi-wallet support, to free transfers, to our inclusive internal exchange and HODL rewards, we are focused on allowing unlimited flexibility and robust efficiency to our userbase.

Some of our key metrics of growth

Here are just a few of our key metrics of growth we’ve seen over the last 30 days here at Latium:

Task completed over the last 30 days

49,224 task contracts have been completed over the last 30 days, with a daily average of 1,640 task contracts completed.

Tasks created over the last 30 days

1,838 tasks have been created over the last 30 days with a daily average of 61 tasks created within the tasking platform.

Verified Users

26,898 users have been approved for Proof of Human verification to the platform.

Registrations over the last 30 days

43,074 users have registered to Latium.org with a staggering daily average of 1,435 users per day. This has propelled us past 100,000 registered users, quite the milestone!

Month over month Latium continues to experience massive growth in both user and platform activity. We will continue to drive these efforts as we expand our userbase and release ongoing features and updates to our platform.

This is just the BEGINNING!

As we look back on where we’ve all come as a community, as a project and as an industry, we stand resolute knowing this is just the beginning of what we’ve set out to accomplish within this space. Decentralization of currency holds many longterm and veritably LIFE changing possibilities for the entire scope of humanity. We are focused on bringing those possibilities to everyone across the globe, regardless of social or financial standing. Is that not the core of what crypto stands for? While many “bad actors”, short sighted participants and projects may fall by the wayside, we fully believe in the world shift occurring within these technological efforts.

Is that not the core of what crypto stands for?

As always, we appreciate the positive support and feedback we receive from our community. We truly desire to continue maintaining this connection to our userbase that has placed us where we are, as well as drives us to where we need to be. Pat yourself on the back and know that you are one of over 100,000 participants driving the adoption of crypto and, in essence, helping shape and influence the world.

Android Application Update

Be on the lookout for an upcoming update to our Android application. We have been refining the internal exchange and will be bringing it to our mobile application to expand the accessibility to our userbase. Stay tuned as we will further update our social outlets with more info as available.

Thank you for your interest in the the Latium platform. As always you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.

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