Showcasing Statistics, Sales & Specific Data

With our successful token sale now officially in the books, the Latium team have continued to shift our efforts completely towards platform development and feature integration. Several users have asked for specific information regarding our token sale period and we have been very pleased to compile this data regarding the purchase, distribution and allocation of the LATX token. While you can see specific information below, we would like to further highlight some of these metrics in an effort to maintain

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Alpha Platform Update, V0.3

Even though we recently published an alpha update last week, the development team at Latium have been hard at work on the platform, ensuring the most rock solid performance for our user community. Please find the changes pushed to the production environment in v0.3 as seen below. Modal windows among improvements for a clearer user experience Improvements: Budget Increase (this will show as option when the current task budget is spent) Comments on employer and employee rating now optional Warning

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Alpha Platform Update, V0.2

Alpha platform update, v0.2 To anyone logging into the alpha platform today, you may be noticing some significant design and development updates. As we further maintain open transparency with our platform users, we would like to ensure you are informed of any new or ongoing developments to Latium. Please find the changes pushed to the production environment in v0.2 as seen below. Improvements:Added “Apply” button to the top of task description pageAdded “Apply” buttons to unauthenticated view (now takes you to

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