Alpha Platform Update, V0.2

Alpha platform update, v0.2

To anyone logging into the alpha platform today, you may be noticing some significant design and development updates. As we further maintain open transparency with our platform users, we would like to ensure you are informed of any new or ongoing developments to Latium.

Please find the changes pushed to the production environment in v0.2 as seen below.

Added “Apply” button to the top of task description page
Added “Apply” buttons to unauthenticated view (now takes you to register)
Changed “Award” button on applications to “Hire” 
Added text labels to navbar icons for larger screen sizes
Added frontend check for insufficient funds on budget page
Added loader during account creation processing
Added warning message to funding page
Moved “Working” tab content under user’s profile to “Employee Tasks”
Holding in cache last tab used on user profile “Employee Tasks” or “Employer Tasks”
Added “Upload Task” button to the top of page on task creation process
Improvements to dropdown menu on mobile
Added confirmation modal when Reward and Guaranty amounts match on upload process
Various other minor improvements

Wrong text on employer modal
Fixed issue with not allowing 0 Guaranty
Fixed time in status message for tasks on Now Hiring page
Fixed status message under “Completed” button
Fixed clicking on avatar on contracts did not go to user’s profile
Moved “Decline” button for contracts under the gear icon
Disabled zoom on rating modals for mobile
Disabled HTML in task description
Fixed scrollbar bounce on page load 
Fixed infinite scroll and pagination on applications and contracts tabs
Fixed avatar coming in sideways on iPhone during registration
Fixed infinite scroll and pagination for transactions 
Fixed account creation issues on IE browser
Various other minor fixes

As always you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat and Discord for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.

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