Announcing Removal of USDT Tether Support

USDT (Tether) will be removed from the Latium platform beginning 02/24/2021. Latium will continue to support GUSD (Gemini Dollar) and will also add support for USDC (USD Coin). Ability to withdraw USDT will remain in place, but USDT (Tether) will not be supported in any other function. In response to the general uncertainty surrounding Tether, the Latium team has decided to remove support for USDT from our platform. To ensure that our users maintain sound stablecoin options, Latium will continue

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Latium: USDt Support

Latium now supports…Tether! As we continue development of the Latium Internal Exchange, our goal is to ensure that multiple currencies and features are supported to allow for an easier and pain-free exchange experience for our users. With that said, it is with great pleasure that we announce the official addition of USDt, Tether to the wallet and exchange environment at Latium! USDt is now available in both the internal exchange, as well as the dashboard wallets section. USDt Wallet First,

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