Latium and The Growth Of Crypto

The Latium Platform Looks to bring Crypto to the World

One of the main issues facing the crypto world is mass adoption. Crypto and blockchain technology provide numerous benefits for financial transactions and information storage. To anyone with an understanding of this technology, those benefits are extremely obvious. To anyone without an understanding of this technology, the benefits are meaningless. The everyday person, working for their fiat paycheck, is not looking at crypto currencies and seeing benefits, they are seeing complexities. These complexities, learning which wallets to use, how to get crypto, how to send crypto, how to exchange crypto, private keys etc, are barriers to entry for the everyday person. The Latium Platform aims to be the means for the average person to quickly and easily become a part of the crypto world.

The Latium Platform

The Latium Platform provides a simple way for anyone to earn crypto. Anyone can download the app, create a profile, complete a task, and be paid in crypto. They do not need to first learn how to download and run a wallet, keep up with a private key for said wallet, or any of the other technical barriers surrounding the crypto sphere. Everyone can join and work for pay or pay for work. The LATX token will be the only form of payment within the system during the initial production release, with more currencies to be added in the future.

Another issue hampering the adoption of crypto currencies is speed and everyone who uses crypto knows confirmation times can be an issue. A certain percentage of people will put up with long confirmation times, but if we’re honest the vast majority of the population will not. We live in a world where everything is instantaneously available at our fingertips and excessive confirmation times and latency are not ideal. The Latium Platform looks to combat this by being built using a hybrid of distributed, dedicated multi-datacenter servers and blockchain technology. The Latium Team believes this is currently the only way to deliver and enterprise class application with a competitive end user experience. Providing the public with a hybrid platform which has a real-time payment system is simply giving them something they are already used to, instead of trying to force them to use something that takes a longer amount of time than connecting to dial-up internet in 1995.

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