The LATX Next Buyer Bonus

Introducing the LATX Next Buyer Bonus

The token sale for the LATX token is live and open to the public. In order to reward those taking part in the token sale, the Latium Team has implemented a first of it’s kind Next Buyer Bonus.

The Next Buyer Bonus works by providing an opportunity for each person willing to purchase at least 1 Ethereum worth (2000 LATX) to claim some extra LATX on top of their purchase. The bonus is not guaranteed, but everyone has the chance to win. The bonus is awarded to the first person to complete a transaction of 1 ETH or more. It is an extremely exciting part of the LATX sale just to watch and see how high it will go before someone wins.

A great part about the Next Buyer Bonus is that it is also a multiplier, meaning the bonus is multiplied by the amount of ETH you send. For example, you send 2 ETH and the bonus you receive is 500 LATX. You will receive your guaranteed 4000 LATX (1 ETH = 2000 LATX) and on top of that you will receive 1000 LATX (2 ETH x 500 bonus = 1000 LATX) bringing your total to 5000 LATX. That amounts to a 25% bonus!

You can also become and affiliate for free and earn 5% on any LATX bought using your affiliate link!

Be sure to visit to take part! Also follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat in order to get the most up to date news about the Latium Platform and Token Sale!

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