12 Best Remote Jobs For Working From Home

Today, more and more companies are offering remote work as an alternative to a traditional office environment. Whether you’re looking for a part-time gig that can be done from home or you’re searching for a long-term career opportunity that allows you to work remotely, it’s probably time you explored the remote job market. Remote working is no longer just the domain of tech startups. According to a report by Gallup in 2017, almost one in five Americans works remotely at least part-time. Working from home has many advantages – it limits your commuting time, gives you more privacy, and reduces your stress levels because there’s nobody around to annoy you at 9 AM on a Tuesday. But such job also comes with challenges – staying focused without your colleagues around might be hard and making sure you don’t get distracted by other activities like cleaning or eating take on another level of difficulty. Remote work may not be for everyone – but if you think it sounds like something that could benefit your life and career, here are 12 remote jobs that let you work from anywhere:

1. Customer Success Manager

As a customer success manager, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that customers are getting the most out of your company’s product or service. Your role is to make sure customers are happy and have everything they need, and to solve any problems they might have. This can include everything from assisting customers with product questions to helping them find solutions to specific problems. Customer success managers work closely with customers, often via email or over the phone. This type of work is remote-friendly, as there is no need to meet customers in person.

2. Content Writer

A content writer is an individual who creates content for a website, blog, or social media. The content could be written articles, images, videos, or other forms of media. Content is a vital part of any online business because it’s what helps to engage and inspire your readers and potential customers. As a remote content writer, you can expect to create articles, blog posts, emails, images, and videos for your clients’ websites or social media accounts. This is often a part-time or freelance position, but there are some companies that offer full-time content writing jobs that are remote-friendly.

3. WordPress Developer

A WordPress developer is responsible for creating websites that use the WordPress content management system (CMS). This CMS is one of the most popular website builders in the world, and is used to create millions of websites every year. A remote WordPress developer creates websites remotely for clients in a variety of industries. The role may vary depending on the company or client, but generally, a remote WordPress developer will write or create their code, and then transfer it to the client’s server and make any necessary adjustments.

4. iOS Developer

An iOS developer creates apps for Apple products, such as the iPhone and iPad. You’ll be in charge of determining what features the app needs, and then programming it using the Swift programming language. This type of work is often done remotely because it doesn’t require the developer to be in an office with specific equipment.

5. Computer Vision Engineer

Computer vision engineers design and create computer systems that can “see” and make sense of their surroundings. This might include creating software for autonomous vehicles or creating computer systems that can monitor and respond to changes in the environment. A remote computer vision engineer uses their knowledge of programming and computer systems to build and create systems for clients.

6. UI/UX Designer

A UI/UX designer is responsible for creating user interfaces and user experiences for products and websites. This includes everything from button placement to colour schemes and fonts. The job requires a creative eye and an understanding of how people interact with technology, as the designer must create a product that is easy to use and navigate. Remote UI/UX designers create user interfaces and experiences for clients, and often work with other designers and engineers to create a product that works well and meets the client’s needs.

7. Data Scientist

A data scientist uses their knowledge of statistics, programming, and machine learning to create models and algorithms that help companies make better business decisions. This could mean creating a model that can predict how many customers will purchase a product or determining how many people are coming to your website. The data scientist will collect information and data, and then use programming to create models and algorithms that help the company make better business decisions. A remote data scientist works on their own from a location of their choice.

8. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is responsible for creating marketing campaigns and strategies to promote a company’s products and services. This person will work closely with clients to determine the best way to market their company, and then create strategies and campaigns that meet the client’s needs. A remote marketing manager does the same thing, but does it remotely for clients and companies. This could be anything from creating social media posts to developing an advertising campaign.

9. Mobile Developer

A mobile developer creates apps for mobile devices, such as Android or Apple products. This could include creating an app that helps you manage your finances or an app that lets you order food from your phone. A remote mobile developer creates apps remotely for clients, and may also work with engineers to create the app and transfer it to the client’s server.

10. QA Tester

A QA tester is responsible for testing products or websites to make sure they work correctly and don’t have any bugs or issues. This job is often outsourced to third-party companies, and there are plenty of remote QA tester jobs available. As a remote QA tester, you’ll test products and websites remotely and report any issues to the company. This job typically doesn’t require any previous experience, and you can expect to earn between $10 and $15 an hour.

11. Software Engineer (Backend)

A software engineer works with engineers and other developers to create new software and applications. A backend engineer creates software that allows other programs to run, such as a website or app. As a remote backend engineer, you’ll mostly work from home with your own schedule. This job often requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering.

12. Software Engineer (Frontend)

A frontend engineer creates the user-facing side of software and websites. This includes things like buttons, images, and other elements that users interact with. As a remote frontend engineer, you’ll work remotely with designers and engineers to create new websites and software. This job often requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering.

Is Remote Work Right For You?

Remote work can be a great option if you’re looking to travel more, or don’t want a 9-to-5 job. However, you also need to keep in mind that it is definitely not for everyone. Make sure you are comfortable working independently and are good at managing your time. If you think remote work is right for you, then check out the article for the best remote jobs for working from home.

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