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As many of our users are aware, the core features and development efforts at Latium entail the creation and expansion of tools to the platform allowing for a more diverse and extensive daily use case scenario for our current and prospective users. From ongoing dashboard updates, to the internal exchange and upcoming Proof of Human, our features developed are focused on ensuring our users are able to efficiently create, and accomplish, tasks with ease.

It is our pleasure today to showcase a specific task recently created within the Latium platform. We feel that it effectively demonstrates the efficiency and value that Latium brings to one of many possible industry use case scenarios and look forward to seeing the further evolution of task type in the future.

Blox: Your Crypto Assets in Sync

Blox, while no newcomer to the blockchain industry, is still refining and building their web and mobile application platform for cryptocurrency portfolio tracking.

Blox aims to continue creating the most seamless, efficient and pain-free portfolio tracking experience by allowing for UNLIMITED syncing of both public addresses and exchange API keys. Blox supports a growing list of native wallets for syncing, including the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and many more. Some of the exchanges already supported include Binance, GDAX, Kucoin, Poloniex, among others.

Gone are the days of manual spreadsheets or paying exorbitant fees to sync through already publicly accessible exchange API keys. Blox allows their users to stay in control of their exchange API keys, setting read only security at time of generating, then simply allowing Blox to sync and display your current balances from numerous sources and locations.

Task Creation on Latium

In an effort to further bring notoriety to the Blox platform and telegram, staff at Blox decided to utilize the tasking platform on Latium for efficient management and user acquisition.

The task created is able to be seen here:

Blox task creation within the Latium platform
Yuval Michaeli, Marketing Director with Blox

In this case, Yuval Michaeli, Marketing Director with Blox, was able to easily acquire LATX for task creation from an existing exchange, and send directly to the dashboard wallet located within the user interface. After loading the wallet with LATX necessary for task creation, Yuval then ensured the overall budget for the task was setup by defining the reward per contract, as well as as the amount of contracts offered for task completion. In this case users are only able to complete the task once, with the option to reapply after completion disabled. In the case of tasks that would allow for users to complete numerous times, this could be enabled to allow for a single applicant to apply and finish the task multiple times.

Blox sees the value in platforms like Latium that allow for confirmed task creation as well as built in chat and verification controls. Yuval’s primary goals with the task campaign on Latium is to accomplish, and verify, the following actions:

  • Signup to Blox mobile / web platorm
  • Sync of a public address / exchange api key
  • Join Blox Telegram
  • OPTIONALLY: Submit a quiz for the ability to win up to 100k CDT

As noted in the management screen below, Yuval is able to verify applicants as they apply, work, and complete the task.

Latium Employer Tasks management screen

The Latium Value

The primary values that Latium adds to the goal of user acquisition is the ability to further verify via chat and acquire a high quality application user. User acquisition tends to be a relatively easy process. Retention, however, is another beast entirely. With a tasking platform that allows for further engagement to the prospective community members, Blox is able to offer incentives to check out their mobile and web platforms, while getting to know the users and generating traffic to their social outlets.

Secondly, the management of the task is easy and efficient, with the ability to view applicants, open contracts, and paid contracts within the single management pane. Instead of searching through scrolling chat sessions, employers are able to select chat specifically through each contract for efficient verification and contract payment.

With the upcoming advent of the Latium mobile applications, the accessibility and ease of management will only continue to rise. Mobile access management by both employer and employee will allow for a wider and more diverse reach while helping task creators reach an ongoing varied demographic of users.

We are very pleased with the utilization of the Latium platform by Blox and look forward to many more expanding campaigns by further ongoing business interests. We believe this is just the beginning for not only Blox, but many more industries and task opportunities to utilize the tools of the Latium tasking platform.

Want to learn more about Blox? Check out their task below:

Thank you for your interest in the the Latium platform. As always you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat and Discord for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.

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