Livestream AMA: June Updates with David Johnson

Recently, Latium’s CEO & Co-Founder David Johnson conducted a quick Ask Me Anything (AMA) Livestream event on our YouTube profile, as noted below. We’d like to present some of the key points discussed and raised in its duration for further review to our community base.

June 27th Livestream Event

Summary of Key Points

To summarize, here are some of the key points raised and discussed during the AMA video recap above.

App Development Delay: Unfortunately the scheduled release for mobile apps has been delayed somewhat. It is our goal that the mobile application release be such that it embodies the full features we would like to include while also remaining a stable and efficient experience for the users of the Latium tasking platform. As it stands currently we are expected to release Android before the end of July, with iOS to follow shortly after This puts us in an approximately 30 days delay at this time.

Interested in early beta testing the mobile apps? Check out and signup here:

Ongoing Roadmap Expansion: While we have had to push the mobile app release back by approximately 30 days, we still feel very confident with our current paced, tracked progress for the ongoing platform development. Planning a timeline schedule nearly a year out is complex at best, but one that we feel we are outpacing and delivering more efficiently than a greater majority of businesses and projects in this space. With that said, it is with great anticipation that we announce we will be revealing a Roadmap V2.0 with an expanded and more advanced feature set than at first showcased. Latium is much more than just a tasking platform, and we likewise look forward to showing our community, and the world, that fact.

Proof of Human (PoH): Of many of the ongoing and soon to be released features, we honestly feel Proof of Human will continue to be one of the most necessary, and valuable, toolsets of the Latium brand image. Utilizing your own unique face motion, dictated by an onscreen avatar, we will be creating a biometric key to your account of sorts utilizing your own face and likeness. This will further allow us to pursue incentivized signups and referrals as it will not allow for a single entity to run and maintain numerous accounts through this voluntary, advanced tier verification system. THIS verification is one of the necessary, missing components of many blockchain, and traditional, business platforms available today.

Exchange ERC20 Support: We are happy to announce that full ERC20 token support will be coming to the Latium internal exchange soon. We are in full development of an administration system that will allow for quick and seamless integration of any ERC20 compliant token at will. This will allow for much more flexibility and speed of deployment as we further pursue and discuss the listing options with other complementary tokens and communities. The first ERC20 token to be integrated will be OmiseGO (OMG), with further other tokens to be pursued for listing in the future. Of specific note, all tokens added to the internal exchange will continue to have FEELESS transfers from one Latium platform to another, further propelling the potential of this feature release.

Holding Rewards: As many of our users are aware, we recently ran engagement ideas to receive feedback regarding a possible airdrop or holding incentive. After further consideration and review we would like to let the community publicly know that we are in the process of finalizing details for a holding incentive for users that allows the Latium platform to be utilized to lockup LATX for a set period of time. The holding periods will be 30,90, 180 and 365 days, with set percentages gained for the length of time agreed to hold. There will be NO penalty for cancelling, however you simply will not receive any incentivized reward accrued to that point. It is our honest estimation that this option, when implemented, will offer our longtime community and holding support an appropriate incentive should they choose to hold their $LATX tokens.

User Registration Growth: New user registration growth has been very positive and noteworthy within the last several weeks. Currently, month over month, Latium sits at approximately 113% user growth, with an expected end month of between 130–150%. User registration, task creation, and likewise completion, has significantly increased, marking a definite shift of momentum for the real world application of the Latium platform.

Fiat Integration: Many of our users have continued to ask about fiat, or traditional currency integrations. We fully understand and agree with the significance of this categorized request. We are still in development talks with partner options, and are likewise confident that the way and manner of fiat integration will even be more accessible and advanced than at first expected within the development roadmap. We are fully confident in meeting our scheduled roadmap goals regarding this topic and will continue to update the community as we near closer to an implementation within the Latium platform.

International Conference Attendance: As our Twitter account has made aware, we will be attending Two (2x) upcoming international blockchain conferences to start the beginning of several future attendances. We will be in Singapore July 19–20th, and likewise in Dubai July 23rd. We are excited and highly anticipating letting the WORLD know about the true power and possibility contained within the Latium brand as a whole.

Several direct user questions were answered, sourced from the twitter post noted below. Feel free to check there and likewise review David’s answers from the Youtube recap available above.

Stay tuned as we pick a random participant to the twitter post below for a prize of 500 LATX!

Thank you for your interest in the the Latium platform. As always you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat and Discord for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.

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