Latium Referrals & Site Restructure

In case you were not aware, recently we released further updates to the internal exchange, as well as further updates and refinements to the overall platform menu and profile structure. You may find more info here:

With that said, the primary focus of this article today is two fold and will discuss:

  • Latium Referral System
  • Recent Site & Link Restructure Changes

Let’s dive right into it!

Latium Referral System

As many users have requested for quite some time, the first iteration of the Latium Referral System has been implemented to the Beta platform.

Latium Referrals Page

As noted from within the platform itself,

“ Take advantage of the Latium referral program and earn LATX commission by helping spread the word about the platform. Simply share your referral link around the net and earn a percentage of all fees and commissions generated through your network. Below you can track your affiliate marketing campaigns by monitoring clicks, signups, and commissions earned.”

The first version of the referral system is in place that allows for you to refer others and gain a commission for the fees they generate within tasks on the platform. Currently, you earn 50% of fees that a direct referral creates within the platform.

As a reminder of the current fee structure in place:

The Fee system used in the Latium Platform is a tiered system which encourages long-term use and positive trust scores. The fees are different for employers and employees, although both are based on your trust score. You can view the tiers below:

Employer Tiers

Trust Score

0–599 = 10% Fee

600–699 = 8% Fee

700–799 = 5% Fee

800–899 = 3% Fee

900–1000 = 1% Fee

Employee Tiers

Trust Score

0–599 = 5% Fee

600–699 = 2.5% Fee

700–1000 = 0% Fee

After directly referring others through your unique referral link, you will continue to earn 50% of all fees the user generates within the Latium platform. This will allow you to not only let others know about the Latium project, but also earn some LATX in the process passively.

Site Structure Changes

Many of our users have noticed some changes to our website and platform URL’s and we would like to further discuss and bring attention to these updates.

Previously, would navigate to a page about the project and whitepaper. As a truly project and product oriented business, we are changing to navigate directly to the current beta platform. This further prepares us for upcoming production environment releases. navigates directly to the platform now

For those of our community who were involved in our token sale and would like to login to the token sale dashboard, please navigate to:


The direct link would be:

Latium Token Sale Dashboard

Also, for those that wish to read about the project, access the whitepaper and the team, please navigate to:

  • HELP — About

The direct link would be:

The Latium About Page

Thank you for your interest in the the Latium platform. As always you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat and Discord for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.

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