Latium Web Update – Aug. 31st, 2018

We’re introducing some new features and updates to the web platform and are exciting to unveil them to our community! Without further delay, here are the updated features and refinements to the Latium web access version.

Overview of Updates

Before going into detail of some of the new feature updates, below is the overview of the updates to the platform:

– Coin Cards (which also have your referral link tied to it)
– Real Time pricing on the Exchange
– Higher Proof of Human payouts
– Menu Consolidations
– Hire settings (auto hire, auto pay, verified only, etc)
– Ability to edit Hire Settings on tasks without recreating the tasks
– Transfer Receipts
– Design Updates
– Minor Bug Fixes

Get paid for Proof of Human

Higher Proof of Human Payouts

As noted, the Proof of Human verification now comes with a higher payout for verification AND referral! Regarding the new header image, the fineprint includes the following:

*For every new user that verifies their account with Proof of Human you will receive 100 LATX tokens deposited directly into your Latium wallet.

At the time of this writing the LATX token is trading at 0.056240 on the Latium internal exchange at 100 LATX tokens at this current market rate converts to 5.624 USD.

Due to fluctuations in the market, the USD value of 100 LATX could be higher or lower than 5.00 USD when you receive your tokens.

As noted you will receive 100 LATX for your own Proof of Human verification, your referral will receive 100 LATX, and you will receive an additional 100 LATX for referring a user that completes Proof of Human. Don’t miss out! Be sure to send out your referral links today!

Coin Cards

Coin Cards

One feature that has yet to be announced is the addition of COIN CARDS! In an ongoing effort of allowing for more variety in payment and accessibility options, we have expanded to allow for you to send Latium in digital or physical form to whomever you wish!

An example of a Coin Card

Send coins to anyone by creating a Latium Coin Card. With Latium Coin Cards you can send crypto to anyone whether or not they have a Latium account.

All coins supported by Latium can be added to a Coin Card.

Simply select the coin and amount you wish to send, and the system will generate a unique Coin Card that you can email, download, or print and hand directly to anyone. The recipient will be able to claim the balance of the card directly to their Latium account, or will be prompted to create an an account to claim the balance if they are not already a Latium user. Your referral id is automatically coded to all your cards. So when a new user registers to claim your card, they will be automatically added as a new referral on your account.

Hire Settings

Some of the hiring settings necessary for helping ensure an efficient task management process have been included in the most recent update.

Some of the biggest complaints in the tasking platform have revolved around the need for a better ease of task management as well as helping mitigate risk by only hiring applicants of specific verification or reputation scores.

Now you can easily auto hire or pay users of specific reputation score, allowing for a quicker applicant management process. With the inclusion of Proof of Human, you can also choose to ONLY allow for your task to be completed by an account with a verified, un-duplicated human at the end of the account.

The tasking platform will continue to be refined as development continues, but we are confident that the recent changes will allow for a more efficient and effective process for both employee and employer across the platform.

Thank you for your interest in the the Latium platform. As always you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat and Discord for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.

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