Latium: Growth in Review

Thanks for growing with us at Latium!

Latium has continued to see absolutely phenomenal growth in the last week alone! As feature development and platform updates continue, the recent expansion within the user community and platform registrations has continued to grow at an unprecedented rate.

For the entire Latium team, this recent growth continues to be an immensely valuable test of marketing, technical and support scaling efforts. Increasing staffing as necessary, the team worked around the clock to ensure a reliable and efficient completion of requests was conducted.

Feel free to review some of the key metrics below from the last few days of growth:

New User Registrations received a massive influx of new user registrations, totaling over 40,000 in a short few days time.

Proof of Human Verification Requests

During the same period, users became well acquainted with the Proof of Human process, sending over 20,000 verification requests.


New users to the Latium Telegram group saw an increase of over 50%.

Unique Visitors

Unique web traffic visitors continued to increase at a rapid rate, with over 100,000 unique visitors to the Latium website and platform.

Page Views

Users to the site reviewed and utilized the features at an increasing rate, bringing over 1,800,000 page views during this time.

Average Time Spent

Users stayed on the platform for extended periods of time with the average time spent on the platform sitting at over 8 minutes.

Active Sessions

During this time, users racked up an amazing 292,000+ active sessions to the platform, showing repeat visits and utilization of the platform of features.

LATX Token

The $LATX token continued to increase in active wallets, expanding to over 63,000 holding wallets of the Latium utility token.

Tasks Created

The Latium tasking platform continued with substantial growth, increasing to over 1,600 tasks created within the system.

Contracts Created

With the increase in tasks to the platform, Latium saw over 55,000 contracts created for tasking purposes.

Latium Thanks YOU!

The Latium team wants to thank each and every one of our new and existing users. Without you our plan and mission of global adoption of cryptocurrencies would simply not be possible.

We are happy to see the growth of the last several days and look forward to continuing to examine, research and compile our findings to ensure a reliable and efficient platform for our users.


As we transition to yet another conference attendance, we are excited to continue preparing for the opportunity to present the full power and possibilities of the Latium platform to the public.

If you are in attendance, or local to Las Vegas, Nevada we would love to meet you! Please see our schedule of attendance below.

Vision For the Future

Our recent influx of growth has taught all of us at Latium many things while continuing to influence our perspective on the longterm vision of driving global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

With that said, we will continue to add these insights to our longterm plans for technical prowess and marketing growth as we develop a more expansive roadmap for the future. The reality is that global adoption of cryptocurrencies by the general public has not yet occurred, but is driven daily by both Latium’s efforts and many other key projects within this industry. We identify that future efforts must continue to be both flexible, innovative and strategic.

For this very reason, we will continue to apply longterm planning and strategic research to ensure our upcoming roadmap additions are in line with technical and marketing efforts necessary for success.

As always, we will continue to update our community via our social media outlets with all available plans and details for the exciting road ahead.

Thank you for your interest in the the Latium platform. As always you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.

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