A New Trading Experience: Advanced Exchange Release

The advanced exchange update has descended upon the Latium.org platform and is now LIVE!

The Latium team has been hard at work on a host of platform feature developments, not the least of which is the advanced exchange environment for our community. Many of our users wanted a more traditional exchange environment that they were not only more familiar with, but also could take advantage of more advanced features for trading.

We agree with our community and wanted to provide this more robust, efficient environment for them. Consequently, as we continue to add token pairs within the Latium exchange environment, they also share within many of the other features available within the platform. For instance, Coin Cards and Fee-Less transfers are able to be utilized as the token support is added.

Referral Trade Fee Commissions

As our own exchange environment evolves we are happy to announce that Latium continues to have some of the HIGHEST referral, trade fee commissions in the industry! Each user is able to refer others to the platform and earn FIFTY PERCENT (50%) of their accumulated trade fees within the exchange.

While LATX pairs continue to be fee-less, newly introduced Bitcoin to Ethereum (BTC/ETH) pairing will hold a small exchange trade fee within the platform.

Exchange in Dark & Light skin options

Choose the Light or Dark Side of Trading

The Latium exchange launches with both a Dark and Light skin allowing users to switch with ease according to their viewing preference. With the release we’d like to briefly go over each aspect of the new, fully featured exchange environment.

Token Pairs


The Pairs are the LATX to cryptocurrency token pairs available for trading within the exchange environment. As noted, with the update we have added support for the following token pairs:


Trade History

Trade History

The Trade History allows an exchange user to easily see the recent, past trades that have occurred within the exchange for the given LATX pair. It displays the PRICE in given pairing token, the AMOUNT in LATX, as well as the TIME this occurred.

Open Orders

Open Orders

The Open Orders are buy or sell orders an exchange user has opened that have not been fully filled yet at this time. Logged in users can only see their own orders displayed within this interface.

24 Hour Order History

24 Hour Order History

The 24 Hour Order History displays the logged in users orders within the last 24 hour period. Logged in users can only see their own orders displayed within this interface.


Order Book

The Order Book displays the current Buy and Sell orders set for LATX at the given token pair. Sell orders are displayed in red, while buy orders are displayed in green. It displays the PRICE in given pairing token, the AMOUNT in LATX, as well as the total SUM of the given order amount.

Buy / Sell Orders

To buy or sell within the exchange, users are presented with two options, as described below.

Limit Buy / Sell Orders


In a Limit order, users are able to set a price they would like to purchase the given token at the specified price or better. In the case of a sale, they are able to set a price to receive, or better.

Market Buy / Sell Orders


In a Market order, users are able to simply purchase LATX at given pricing across the exchange without giving a limit in pricing. The estimated price is given to the user as a buy or sell order is constructed.

Please note, if you would like to take advantage of the One Click Buying option you will not be required to confirm your order after clicking the Buy or Sell button.

We hope our community is pleased with the updated exchange environment and will continue to refine and update the process for our users there. We truly believe that along with advanced trading options and referral trading commissions our community will be able to take advantage of the robust trading options while remaining within the native Latium platform.

This update is just one of several different feature and application evolution’s that we believe will continue to drive the general adoption of not only the Latium platform, but also crypto in general.

Thank you for your interest in the the Latium platform. As always you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.

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