Bounty Programs on the Latium Platform

Bounty programs can be extremely complicated to maintain. The Latium Platform will make it simple to run bounty programs with thousands of people due to the one-to-many task relationship structure.

The Latium Platform is Perfect for Bounty Programs

Bounty programs for ICOs and token sales are vital to bringing awareness to your project, as well as building a vibrant community around it. They are a necessary step to garner grass-roots support among the crypto community and can be make or break for an ICO or token sale. The issues centered around bounty programs are the sheer number of participants and working to keep those organized based on which part of the bounty they are participating in. It can become quite the nightmare for the people in control of maintaining the bounty program, and also sending out the rewards once the program is over. The Latium Platform, with its one-to-many task relationship structure provides an excellent solution to bounty program woes.

The Latium Platform’s unique one-to-many task relationship structure is perfect for the organization of a bounty program. Bounty programs consist of many different tasks such as blog posts, videos, Facebook posts, tweets, retweets, and numerous other ways to promote a project. This can become quite onerous to manage, but with the one-to-many relationship structure Latium provides it becomes as simple as the push of a button. A bounty manager can create a task such as “follow us on twitter” and accept as many applicants as their budget allows. Each accepted applicant is then tied to an individual contract which, once the task is completed, can be immediately confirmed and have payment released. No more gigantic spreadsheets, email addresses, names, or any other convoluted information to keep up with.

The same concept is true for any facet of a bounty program. A bounty manager can monitor thousands of different participants for any task. Proof of task completion is handled within the platform itself by the individual applicant, making it a very simple process to review their participation. All uploads, interaction, and payment is transparent throughout the Latium Platform and with the proprietary rating system managers have a quick and easy gauge on whether an applicant is worth allowing to participate. Bounty program management is one of the multitude of ways the Latium Platform can be utilized to provide a simple, easy way to get things accomplished.

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