Latium Update: Exchange + Redesign Sneak Peek

Light + Dark Latium Exchange Revision

Exchange Update

With the latest update to the Latium platform comes a more efficient and redefined exchange atmosphere for the Latium internal exchange. It is no secret that the entire Latium ecosystem relies on both the Latium tasking platform, hand in hand with the internal exchange both for liquidity and volume as well as employer efficiency and ease of operation. In considering many of the different aspects necessary for both ease of LATX token purchase, sale and utilization within the platform, it was the collective belief of the entire Latium team that an exchange update was in order.

It was our goal with this update to allow for a more intuitive UI and UX experience for our growing audience to ensure this efficiency in operation.

Alongside the web platform push, we will be likewise sending an update to Google Play for the Latium android application as well.

TradingView Charting in latest update

Trading View Charting

The biggest visual change by far is the inclusion of charting, by way of TradingView. We felt that inclusion of TradingView charting would further create an exchange atmosphere that experienced traders are most familiar with throughout their usage of both traditional and other crypto based exchanges within the industry.

Announcing: Litecoin LTC

Litecoin LTC Addition + More to Come!

With this update you will also see an inclusion of Litecoin!

One suggestion we’ve received frequently is the addition of further tokens and pairs. With the addition of Litecoin LTC first to the exchange, we are excited to offer further trading options for our community of users.

With these changes, we are continuing to develop further possible feature updates for more utilization of other tokens within more features of the Latium ecosystem. More on that to come!

Latium Litecoin LTC Page

We’d like to add that while LTC is the most recent addition, our development team is working to enable trading and feature usage with other tokens and native blockchains. We are equally excited to announce these token additions in the coming weeks as available.

Have a token you would like to see used within Latium? Let us know!

You can send us an email requesting this at or by applying for the token listing at:

Miscellaneous Changes

Along with the inclusion of charting, you will see a much refined display of all pertinent info including Buy & Sell orders, open orders as well as your full 24 hour order history for display. By allowing for this information to display in a manner more consistent with traditional crypto exchanges available today, we will further be able to attract an even wider audience of active traders.

We feel that this aspect is vitally important to the longevity of the entire Latium ecosystem. As we continue development within all aspects of the platform, expanding our audience to the core demographic of active crypto users (exchange users) allows for us to market to and attract these users to both the active tasking platform, as well as any and all future feature updates and releases.

All in all, general adoption of crypto is a long, gradual process that we have all seen within the marketing activity of the industry over the last several years. By reaching each group of users effectively, we bridge the gap between existing and new users, by offering a plethora of features and services for them to utilize.

Latium Redesign Sneak Peek

Latium Redesign Sneak Peek

Of equal importance to the exchange UI & UX flow, the entire Latium design & development team have continued to remain hard at work at first and foremost understanding the workflow of Employers & Employees alike within every feature offered at the Latium platform. By understanding this process, we are likewise redesigning the Latium platform experience from the ground up to ensure that our existing community and new users alike are better able to efficiently locate and utilize the features offered.

This is no simple task, by far.

While the Latium platform has been in operation for quite some time, it has also allowed us to gather an innumerable amount of feedback from our users regarding the features and how they are presented.

As mentioned previously, the general adoption of crypto is a slow, organic process affected by many mitigating factors throughout culture and the industry. We feel that redefining how these features are presented is important in aligning ourselves with that organic path.

You will find quite a few upcoming features and refinements within some of the “Sneak Peek” images presented below.

Task Page View
Transfers View
Wallets Page

With these changes involves an ongoing testing process of ensuring the most efficient and accurate workflow is available within the platform design. Throughout the redesign process we will continue to apply this frame of mind to ensure the most efficient usage of current features, while also developing for and producing further features, many of which have been requested by our community of users. Keep in mind, the redesign process does not just entail changing the design of current features, but also making better space and usage for upcoming features within active development.

This redesign process, while time consuming at times, truly allows us to ensure the most accurate display of information for newcomers, while also planning even better for layers of features and developments.

Thank You!

As development continues we are excited with each and every update we are able to provide. First and foremost we thank our existing community of users for being with us throughout the design and development process. We also welcome our growing community of new users delving in for the first time to the tasking platform, the exchange, and the host of other features and services provided.

Thank you for your interest in the the Latium platform. As always you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.

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