The Latium Platform and Community Outreach Programs

The Latium Platform provides a unique way for community outreach programs to organize and host events.

The Latium Platform

Community outreach programs are a vital piece in the fabric of society. They provide assistance for those who are less fortunate, which is something everyone can get behind. The Latium platform will provide these types of programs with the means to organize events and incentivize participation.

For example, say a program would like to organize the building of a playground for neighborhood children to enjoy. A program can join the Latium platform as an employer, promote their plans to build the playground, and accept applicants who are willing to donate their time and effort for the betterment of their community. Once the project begins, those who are accepted to work on the playground will have the ability to verify they are there either through GPS or by scanning a QR code when they arrive. This will allow the program leaders to keep up with who volunteered and who actually showed up to work. The ability of the Latium platform to facilitate one-to-many relationships in a simple, easy to use way makes the organization of events like building a playground very efficient.

Latium’s Physical Task System

The Latium platform will also be able to facilitate donations for outreach programs and charities. Users of the platform will have the option to easily donate LATX to charities and outreach programs, or for any cause they choose to support. The simple internal LATX transfer system makes real-time donations a reality.

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