COVID-19 Effects on Remote Freelancing Internationally

COVID-19 Effects on Remote Freelancing Internationally

Social Quarantine throughout COVID-19

COVID-19 Across the Globe

The far reaching effects of the COVID-10 Corona Virus have swept across the globe, forcing a great majority of the global population to live, and work, in virtual isolation. Except for mandatory, essential positions, many of the global and particularly US population are working remotely for the first time during their careers. But what are some of the short and long term lasting effects of a global pandemic of this scale? How does this apply to remote working and freelancing opportunities?

Reconsider Remote Working Policies

Many countries, especially within the US, have tended to have a rather strict and rigid outlook on telework and remote policies. The common US mantra, “If you aren’t standing, you aren’t working”, coupled with a driving executive mistrust of subordinates discipline ability outside the office has cemented a relatively stalwart and extremely limited remote working culture among work cultures.

While many occupations have a responsibility to remain in operation such as Police, Fire and Medical, it remains the collective responsibility of those that CAN work from home to do so. The spread of the COVID-19 virus is stemmed predominantly by social distancing and self quarantine, to avoid full involuntary, Martial law and lock down.

This shift in ethical and legal responsibility has forced businesses to re-evaluate their previous remote working policies in an effort to continue operation and limit the loss of funds during a global medical crisis. Regardless of whether any of us know someone directly infected with COVID-19, the economical and emotional effects have touched everyone across the globe.

While many corporations continue to make changes to their remote working policies, the reality is the nature of some industries is such that some workers WILL be laid off, as service industries and direct consumer facing businesses are forced into temporary closure.

These changes have made a once in a lifetime opportunity for businesses and workers alike to seek fully remote, freelancing opportunities to accomplish a wide variety of business operations.

Latium – Remote Freelancing + Crypto

With the ongoing economical turmoil of traditional assets and established business, workers are drawn to remote, crypto based projects and career opportunities more than ever.

The Latium platform fits within this realm of the paradigm shift of remote working, allowing employers across the globe to hire and pay freelancers across the globe, human contact free.

With a growing list of project category opportunities ranging from Design, to Development and even Project Management, Latium also boasts categories of opportunities as simple as engaging with social media and utilizing a user’s referral link. Opportunities great and small help put assets into the hands of those that need it most, while doing so in increasingly creative and remote ways.

Tips for Freelancers During COVID-19

During an international pandemic, rather than remain gripped in fear during isolation and quarantine, freelancers and employees alike can continue to not only create more employment opportunities for themselves, but also further bolster their own eligibility and experience within the workforce.

Update Your Resume

While this may seem like a rather obvious item, it still is a vital aspect of any employees career future. Many of us only edit our resume when we are seeking a new position, rather than keeping it up to date to ease the transition as needed. During this isolation or downtime, update your resume with applicable experience and positions, while also mirroring your resume on LinkedIn for a further wide ranging view of prospective employers.

Similarly, within the Latium platform you can update your bio, skills and portfolio of example projects to further highlight your experience and skills among users to the platform. This will ensure that as Employers view your profile or bids and applications to projects, you are most eligible and put yourself ahead of the competition.

Easily add Skills, Biography + Portfolios

Increase Knowledge – Learn a New Skill

If you are left with more free time than you are used to having, what better time to learn a new skill than now? While helping advance your career opportunities, learning a new skill can also serve as a way of keeping your mind off the negativity and uncertainty within the news cycle today.

Several different platforms online offer thorough and respected courses that can help with a wide variety of topics and careers.

Udemy is one of the largest and most established online course providers and helps a multitude of users every year with establishing new skills and increasing existing skills and knowledge.


Online Courses – Learn Anything, On Your Schedule | Udemy
Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 100,000 courses and 24 million students. Learn…

Participate in Surveys, Other Free-time Opportunities

If you find yourself with smaller amounts of free time and looking to earn more income during this time, several Survey and other online activity opportunities are available to further assist and bolster this effort. While employers may be laid off for an unforeseen amount of time, understandably, with schools closed, many parents are still busy during the time at home. Surveys are a rare opportunity to quickly and effectively apply free time towards increasingly larger earning opportunities.

Latium partners directly with many of the most notable survey providers around the world. These surveys are available to users within the Latium platform and are paid out after completion and verification of the user data.Latium Freelancing: Work & Hire For Crypto
Post a project for Free to get Live Bids from our CrowdForce of 215K+ workers, or setup an Instant Hire

Country Specific Survey Opportunities

You can get started today by visiting Latium and signing up an account to immediately take part. The category of surveys is available directly from the platform, with a great majority being direct Latium partnered survey opportunities:

From All of Us at Latium

Our hearts go out to each and every individual affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic. As staff, we continue to maintain suggestive mandates to isolate, quarantine and stem the spread of this infectious disease. We’re happy to offer a platform allowing for users to earn and employ others remotely during these times and will continue to focus our efforts on further expanding the platform features for our users.

Stay safe, stay isolated.

Thank you for your interest in the the Latium platform. As always you can follow us on Twitter for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.

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