Latium Beta Release is now LIVE!

While it has been a long time coming, we are happy to announce that all previously scheduled roadmap milestones have been achieved, with the next to be completed action item within Q1 seeing real world application today as previously announced in our Beta Sneak Peek article previously.

Without further adieu it is with great excitement that we are pleased to announce the Latium Beta platform is now Live! Please feel free to visit at:

Here at Latium we have always maintained a focus on ensuring our business specific schedules and promises are kept for our user base and token sale participants. We are very pleased with the ongoing improvements to the Latium platform, while also maintaining original scheduled milestones as set within our whitepaper. While a lot of work still remains, we continue to stay positive and confident in our ongoing efforts to maintain these achievable goals and guidelines.

While a complete graphical user interface was completed to remain in line with our new image branding, significant changes were made to the process by which employer and employees both interact and ensure a successful, efficient task completion.

We would like to showcase this top-view toolset and process updates with a resolution scenario and accompanying screenshots for reference.

As is the case with any employer, the first step remains to create a task for completion within the platform. Of specific note, however, is the implementation of a Time to Complete, which is a total time allowable for the applicant to complete the task once awarded and started.

The ability to set the time available is now a specific setting at time of task creation

Next a standard budget creation is modified and set

An employer task, within Now Hiring state

Once the task has been successfully uploaded in the Latium platform, a prospective user then may apply for the task, in similar nature to what occurred within the alpha platform previously.

The standard process of applying and awarding a task contract

In this specific instance, the user applied for and was awarded the task contract. The 10 minute to complete timer will only begin to count down once the user has selected to start the task. If, however, the user fails to complete within this window of time, the task will rollover into an Overtime status, which allows for a more specific line of resolution communication to occur.

The newly introduced Chat function will help tremendously with communication and we recommend utilizing the Chat before a task has an issue to ensure both parties are on the same page regarding task expectations and completion.

A clean, easy to use chat interface exists within the platform.

It must be noted that chat functionality does not operate in the same manner as a social media platform or other similar platform. Chat is only available between employer and employee, with no search for or global chat function present. We feel this ensures chat is utilized appropriately and cuts back on many possible spamming issues.

Now, with our task applicant safely within Overtime status, a few options for mutual resolution are opened between either party. These include the option for Full Payment, Second Chance offering and the Requesting of a Mutual Cancellation.

Employer and Employee are offered tools for mutual resolution throughout the task process

Should an employer have already communicated with the applicant, or simply shown a level of trust to the user for whatever reason, a Second Chance can be offered to the user, or initiated likewise by the task applicant.

In this specific user case, we are going to assume that a second chance was also offered and accepted, with the original task still, however, not being completed. In this case the employer may wish to step back from the applicant, without affecting either user’s trust score during the process. This process would involve that of a Mutual cancellation. In similar nature to other functionality introduced within the Beta, both Employer and Employee retain the right to request a mutual cancellation. We feel the tools implemented better assist with mutual conflict resolution, negating a need for outside arbitration and assistance. Should no response be given, you are then provided the opportunity to create a cancellation notice as outlined below:

You can offer your employee a Mutual Cancellation of this contract. This allows both parties to cancel the contract and move on with no harm done to either user’s score. All funds are returned as if the contract was never created. If the Mutual Cancellation is not accepted after 48 hours, you may select the option to send a Cancellation Notice.

If, however the user was given a second chance, but completed the task outside of the original timeline given, another possible option arises, allowing for a counter-offer of reward for the efforts given.

We will assume that the user made an effort, completed 85% of the task, but outside of the originally set timeline for completion. The employer in this instance may make an offer for 100 LATX, 50 less than originally was offered within the task contract. The employee may then choose to accept, or counter offer, until an agreement can be made. Keep in mind this entire process may also be facilitated by the previously mentioned chat functionality.

Counteroffers and mutual agreement tools are in place to ensure an efficient process throughout

We wholeheartedly urge our community to check out the beta environment today and possibly try out a task or two (or several!) to continue testing the updated, evolving platform known as Latium. We truly believe Latium is changing the face of the gig economy while successfully bringing crypto currencies within true daily adoption as payment for services and tasks rendered.

As was hinted in our previous article, the internal exchange functionality will be brought to the platform by way of patch after testing has been satisfactorily completed to ensure a stable environment persists. To remind you of the features mentioned:

Finally, in our efforts towards development transparency, we have decided to give an advanced look at an exciting, new feature not yet discussed in Telegram by staff. While certain elements are indeed mentioned in the future of our scheduled roadmap, we are pleased to announce that soon after beta, a patch release will enable an internal exchange of user to user transactions.

The initial release will enable the ability for offers to be placed for buying and selling set amounts of LATX for other paired currencies, similar in nature to that of OTC, or Over the Counter trades noted within various exchange platforms in existence today.

As noted in our Roadmap, we still have a long way to go. The entire team, however, remains steadfast and confident in our ability to accomplish the previously established goals on schedule. We likewise look forward to ongoing, engaging community involvement coupled with focused and extensive developing progress. We truly believe in blockchain and this belief drives our longterm vision for the scope and future of Latium.

From each and every team member, thank you! Thank you for being a part of this wonderful community. Thank you for placing your trust and belief in both blockchain technology and the Latium Team! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for this opportunity to truly make a mark on an emerging industry and construct a solid, efficient platform.

Until next time, Thank You.

Thank you for your interest in the the Latium platform and associated utility token. As always you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat and Discord for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.

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