Latium Bounty Program

Latium is the first tasking platform based on blockchain technology. The main goal of the project is adoption of crypto currencies all over the world and establishing trustless environment where all participants have transparency in whom they are working with. Our platform is open for the whole world, expanding the potential range of tasks for everyone. The platform provides the opportunity and environment for potential employers and employees to find the right person to work with. Our goal is to completely revolutionize the global labor structure and provide a simple, easy to use full labor suite.

Latium features consist of, but are not limited to:
• a simple and intuitive interface 
• chat system
• ability to upload task related documents and files
• cross-platform (web version and Android and iOS apps)
• convenient task filtration
• it is suitable for projects of all sizes
• proprietary reputation rating system within a trustless environment

We believe in what the Latium Platform will become. All we need are more people to know about the project. An effective bounty campaign is one of the best ways to spread the information about Latium. Participating in the bounty campaign is a simple way to acquire LATX tokens through the completion of tasks, rather than purchasing them. However, our first priority is high quality content which can increase interest in Latium and help our community grow. Therefore, we allocate the biggest share, 30% of the bounty pool, to the content campaign. We need great text, videos and other content which inspires interest in Latium.

Here is what we consider high quality content:
Video Reviews of the pros and cons associated with the Latium project and discussions concerning the future developments of the platform.

Articles or essays about the issues Latium is working to solve. These are preferably interested and easily understandable for a wider audience.

Translations are another key component of the bounty campaign. The ability to read about Latium in an easily understandable native language has a great impact on the growth of the project. By translating information about Latium, participants help people all over the world learn about the Latium platform, thus involving more and more people.

Also, Latium can be promoted through popular social medias, such as Twitter and Facebook, and Bitcointalk signatures.

We really appreciate your interest in Latium and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Visit our Bitcointalk thread to view more information about the Bounty Program.


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