Platform Update: Screenshot Proof

With the latest update to the Latium web platform and mobile android application we have unveiled: Screenshot Proof Submission!

As we continue to update the Latium tasking platform, it is our desire and goal to ensure the most efficient and effective workflow for our employers and employees utilizing the Latium ecosystem. Our latest update allows an employer to require screenshot proofs for tasks completed, as well as the ability to reject and require updated screenshots showing the work completed.

The web platform is now LIVE, and our Android mobile application can be downloaded / updated here:

To help familiarize you with the new features, we have compiled a tutorial detailing the entire process below.

First, as an employer, select to create a new task by clicking the hire option.

Create a Task

Next, you’ll see the option to require proof via screenshot upload, as well as the ability to upload example screenshots for your task applicants.

Require Task Proof

In this case, we will upload an example screenshot that simply says, “Screenshot”.

Example Screenshot Used
Example Screenshot #1
Example Screenshot #2

To further ensure your applicants are clear on screenshots necessary, ensure you fill out the title and description regarding your example uploads.

Next you will see the standard budget screen, with an additional information box that describes the process to help ensure your task gains further visibility within the front page of the Latium tasking platform.

Standard Budget Screen with “Boost” info.
The “Boost” information describes contract payments necessary for #1 visibility.

To be clear, this is not an active “paid” service, but simply informational to inform you the amount of contracts paid within your task daily to garner the number one spot on the “Now Hiring” page at Latium. You can set / edit your budget accordingly if you wish to garner the visibility to your task.

Next, you can preview, then upload your task.

Preview Task

Now, as an employee applying for the task, you will see some additional options after you are accepted to the task.

Apply for task.
Select “Start Now” to begin work.

As an employee, you will see the example screenshots added, as well as be given the opportunity to upload your own screenshots to prove the work completed.

“In order to complete the task the employer requires that you upload a task proof screenshot. Below you will find the description and any examples the employer has given for this requirement.”

Employee view of example screenshot.

After completing the described task work, prepare and attach your screenshots as the employer has requested.

Attach and upload requested screenshots.

After uploading your task proofs, you may mark the task complete and rate the employer as usual.

Upload and mark complete.

You will notice that your screenshots are now uploaded, with the status changed to proof processing.

Status “Proof Processing”.

As an employer, you are now offered the opportunity to review, accept, or reject task proofs as necessary.

Option to Pay, Reject Proof, etc.

You are also given the opportunity to view the task proofs in larger size, or fullscreen as you prefer.

“View Larger” option for task proofs.
Expanded task proof review.

Should you need to reject a proof and require a new task proof, you are given the opportunity here.

Reject Proof option.
Task proof rejected.

As an employee, when you have a task proof rejected, you are given the opportunity to attach and upload a new task proof as requested from the employer.

Proof task rejected view from Employee

“The employer has rejected this Proof Screenshot, please check to make sure that the image you have fits the description given by the employer and then resubmit your image for an additional review.”

After preparing your new screenshot proof, attach and upload as requested.

New Task Proof upload.

After attaching, you may upload the screenshot and mark complete.

We hope that with the newly released features you are able to take advantages of further options available to ensure the quality of work for tasks completed is present, as well as have a much easier and more efficient method for collaborating with employers and employees.

With the ongoing development and expansion of the Latium platform it is our ongoing aim to ensure that employers and employees can easily create, complete and pay for various tasks within the Latium ecosystem.

Thank you for your interest in the the Latium platform. As always you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.

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