The MACD Indicator

Innovation via Education As we’ve made mention in numerous past articles and media, it is our belief that those that are involved with the crypto industry and markets need to be better educated and inspired to help usher in a new era of general adoption and acceptance of crypto culturally. In a continuation of this effort we present to our community more detailed information on the next type of trading indicator, the MACD. Gerald Appel The MACD Indicator The MACD

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Trend Indicators: Moving Averages, Part 2

In a continuing effort towards better educating the crypto user base, we present a followup to our previous story, Moving Averages: Part 2. Missed part 1? Review our past blog post below. Now that we have explored some of the vulnerabilities of the moving average and proposed some fixes, we will explore some of these fixes in more detail. Basically, they deal with the length of the moving average, the calculation method, and the crossover technique. 1. Altering Lengths (and/or

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Trend Indicators: Moving Averages, Part 1

Furthering Education in Crypto Trading It is our firm belief that an educated user is a more valuable and fulfilled user, regardless of the financial industry involved. Within both traditional and crypto industries alike, furthering education of users and traders is a fruitful effort that helps the user better develop their own strategies while utilizing multiple platforms and features in their own specific crypto journey. To continue that effort, we present the first in a series of segments that focus on

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