Freelance Travel Photography

Freelance Travel Photography

The advent of online freelancing has continued to create a non traditional and evolution of the very concept of career and occupation. The last 10 years has seen the rise of the digital nomad, people across the country and across the world living in mobile vehicles or regularly changing their place of dwelling while working remotely as an employee or freelancer. For increased flexibility and freedoms, you find that a greater majority of these new digital pioneers choose to work freelancer for a wider variety of clients and employers.

While photography has a built in level of flexibility, freelance travel photography has with it a much more flexible and accessible range of responsibilities and schedules. The level of intensity and amount of clients is limited solely to the freelance travel photography experts skill and determination and time commitment to the craft.

As users adjust their working lifestyles, there are many specific types of freelance travel photography jobs to consider when looking to break into the industry.

Location – Freelance Travel Photography

Many businesses require very location specific images for use in advertising and marketing. Traveling freelance travel photography experts can choose to pre-photograph exotic (and even at times, mundane) locations, or, can take freelance travel photography assignment to cover their own costs and travel to the needed locations. Whichever direction the freelance travel photography expert chooses, the focus for location specific images brings with a high demand and sizable payout opportunity.

People, Demographic – Freelance Travel Photography

An additional need in nearly all commercial advertising instances is area specific, human interest freelance travel photography. This could be images of a specific group, race, or culture, that aligns with the intended market audience or invocation of emotion for the product sold. Similarly, freelance travel photography experts can both pre-photograph these people (with consent and release forms) or choose to travel at request for specific ad campaign requirements. On a side note, this allows the photographer to get to know people from around the globe in an even wider and more understanding perspective.

Product – Freelance Travel Photography

Location and people are one thing…product is another thing entirely! Many times a product is area or culture specific, but brings with it a maintained business demand for usage within advertising and marketing media. Whether its a specific brand or type of product, it may be more advantageous for a small business or even corporate entity to arrange for a freelance travel photography expert to travel, source, find and most importantly photograph the product focus required.

Finding Gigs – Freelance Travel Photography

No matter the subject that a freelance travel photography expert may choose to take, to get started and continue on their photography journey requires clients, projects and gigs.

Fortunately, many online freelancing platforms such as Latium allow for freelance travel photography experts (and many other types of freelancers) to quickly and easily search for, apply, and even INSTANTLY start working on instant hire projects.

Additionally, Freelancers are provided the tools necessary to create extensive portfolios of their previous work, and even import portfolios from other existing sites with ease. In addition, freelancers can easily create their own services at set pricing for prospective employers and clients to purchase directly and immediately get started on the work needed.

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