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Latium Internal Beta Exchange

Here at Latium we have been hard at work on the current beta platform as well as in preparation for upcoming mobile application and production environment releases. With that said, we are very pleased with the recent release of the Latium Internal Exchange, as well as the options it brings to our current, and future prospective users.

Key Features for the Future

The creation of the internal exchange truly evolves not only the reach of the Latium platform, but also the diversity of options available for attracting users within the developing ecosystem.

While tasking is indeed the heart and soul of the Latium vision, the exchange and other features are the arms and legs that continue to bring the Latium “body” of features together.

Trade for Free

Trade For Free

One of the most notable features of the Latium Internal Exchange remains the ZERO trade fees and ZERO commissions for OTC trading completion. This is veritably unheard of within the exchange environments available to consumers today.

We fully believe that by offering a financially prudent environment for prospective users that further individuals will realize the strategic value to buying and selling within the platform.

Transfer for Free

Transfer For Free

Additionally, further interaction within the Latium platform is encouraged by the, again, completely free transfers from user to user. This unique feature solves many issues with payment processing present in traditional gig-economy platforms today.

By creating an environment for near instant transfers, Latium will continue to allow more flexible options for payments, tips or miscellaneous LATX transfers. Not only does this provide further tools for our user community, it also continues to drive liquidity of the LATX utility token in daily usage.

Bitcoin Order Book

Multiple Tokens Listed

While Ethereum ETH and Latium LATX were the first tokens to be available within the Internal Exchange, the introduction of Bitcoin continues to usher in a new era for the feature. By allowing for multiple cryptocurrencies integrated to the exchange, users are able to easily convert to tokens of choice, while also able to quickly and efficiently transfer to LATX for task funding and creation.

While there is only three current cryptocurrencies available today, many further tokens will be further pursued for addition to the exchange in the future. We feel that the industry exchange atmosphere has lost its way with exorbitant fees and over inflated processes. Instead, with the Internal Exchange we will continue to offer a more inviting environment for prospective projects and communities that share the longterm Latium vision. By offering this to other tokens, the ongoing usage and utility of the platform continues to expand.

Ongoing Feature Development & Integration

The Internal Exchange continues to present itself as a valuable and fully featured aspect of the Latium brand image in its own right. In addition, other associated features will continue to further strengthen the capabilities and security of the exchange environment. For instance, Proof of Human, our upcoming anti-fraud controls system will not only help with tasking: It will also ensure real, human participants are registering for usage within the exchange and beta platform.

This will further drive a verifiable, reputable community of users for usage of the various Latium tools and features. As the community of users and exchange participants gains notoriety for its validated status, it may attract further similar projects and teams for integration to the ecosystem.

An Ongoing Example in Efficiency

As we’ve described above, the key features of the ongoing development of the Latium Internal Exchange allow for an efficient, diverse option for our community of users within the Latium platform. Specifically for users that wish to the use the platform for tasking, the exchange offers a unique solution for acquiring LATX, budgeting, and finalizing the task as needed.

Take, for instance, the Latium Retweet Task, available Here.

In this case, we wanted to offer an option for our community of users to further bring notoriety to the Latium project, while receiving a reward in the process. Other companies are easily able to use the tasking platform for similar purposes, as well as manage and maintain verification and payouts.

Before creating a task, the employer has the option of how they would like to acquire $LATX. If the user does not have easy access to a traditional exchange environment, they can always utilize the Latium Internal Exchange.

In this case, the first step is to send Ethereum or Bitcoin to the profile wallets so that LATX purchases can be made.

Dashboard > Wallets > ETH

From the main menu, the user would select Dashboard > Wallets, and be presented with the options above for selecting to deposit to their account. Please note there is a minimum ETH deposit amount of 0.1. After copying the deposit address, the employer may send the ETH from his source of choice.

Next, you would elect to go to Exchange from the main menu. After selecting ETH from the available options, you would be presented with a screen similarly seen below. While the numbers will differ, this is the screen where you would see all active buy and sell orders available within the exchange platform.

An example screen of the Exchange

The user is presented with a very easy to use, simple interface. This is by design, as many of our prospective users may not have experience with more advanced cryptocurrency trading exchanges and platforms available today. Through this simplicity we are able to ensure that the buy and sell orders are clearly stated, with the full purchase price for each block amount clearly available after selecting to purchase, as noted below.

After purchasing the LATX necessary for a task creation, the process of creating a contract task is necessary. Fortunately for our community, the process remains easy and simple to conduct.

First, navigate to “Hire” From the main menu available. Next you will see the following screen that requires a title, a description, and an image or video for the task.

Create a Task

After submitting the first screen info, you are able to finetune the options for your task to allow for multiple completion, timeline of reapplication, as well as the specific time frame needed to finish the task once begun.

Tasking Timeline

After setting the scheduling and timeline details, the employer must then allocate the necessary budget of LATX acquired previously to ensure the amount of specific contracts and payment is in order. As noted below, you may elect to change the full budget and per task payment to receive the full number of contracts made available.

Set Task Budget

Finally, after confirming the budget, the employer is able to preview, then upload the task to allow for the hiring process to begin.

Previewing, then viewing the task from the homepage

A Foundation for the Future

All in all we are very pleased with the current operation and integration of the Latium Internal Exchange into the work flow of task creation within the platform. We are very excited to see our longterm vision for Latium continue to come together as advanced features and toolsets continue to be developed specifically for use by our current, and future prospective users.

As we continue to finetune and progress development, the opportunity for a wider variety of uses to the Latium platform will continue to present themselves. We appreciate the ongoing, active involvement of our active community as we near closer to production environment releases and more substantial, directed marketing efforts.

Beta Platform Updates

Additionally, with recent updates we have found some significantly better ways to present information to our users to more efficiently streamline task management and profile dashboard views. We hope that our users enjoy this more refined process and look forward to their ongoing feedback, as always!

As you may notice, the long awaited Referral system is now in place, with more information to be available soon in further details regarding this addition.

My Tasks Page

Referrals Page

Profile Wallets for Deposit and Withdrawal

Thank you for your interest in the the Latium platform. As always you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat and Discord for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.

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