Latium: A Refresh and Re-design

At Latium, we operate from a place of transparency and factual basis, rather than speculate or needlessly hype unconfirmed updates. We continue in this manner primarily to ensure that any and all updates and announcements are concrete and verifiable in nature. Our goal is to provide everyone with updates on a regular basis as we move toward the Beta release.

For the entire Latium team it has been an amazing experience to see and experience the massive changes to the cryptocurrency industry in the time that Latium platform has come to fruition. From our initial pre-sale in September, through our general sale, and now with our pending Beta release, the industry has seen ASTRONOMICAL changes and enhancements that have at times been truly mind blowing.

As the industry evolves, we feel branding and imagery need to more accurately depict our vision and goals for Latium. With that being said, we would like to unveil the new, fresh branding for Latium that will go into production today and further integrate into the web and application releases of the platform.

Crypto meets gig economy.

You’ll notice a very defined difference to the style of Latium, one that lends a more unique, fresh and appealing tone to how we present ourselves to our consumer base. The site has been updated to show a more product-centered view of Latium and the platform itself.

We believe that true, daily use of cryptocurrency technologies will occur via platforms and infrastructure focused on allowing for the every day consumer to easily utilize and navigate. This drives our product and platform focus and is in line with our ongoing long term vision for Latium.

The site refresh will lend itself to the alpha with time.

Our choice of colors lend itself to a more stark, technological tone. This evokes the sentiment towards the cutting edge development that remains ongoing with the project, as well as lends further support to the ideals of people-powered, consumer interaction within our platform service.

A word from our advisor, John McAfee.

While previous marketing efforts were towards a more token sale participant path, the explanation and visual aids are more geared towards a consumer base, looking to utilize the Latium platform. Our entire marketing focus will shift to that of promoting our platform as a product to be utilized in daily use by the gig-economy workforce. As has been made mention in many of our longstanding material, The Latium platform is a paradigm shift in decentralized economics that can bring about real change in the way humans work, interact and earn money.

We stay true to our original sentiment and likewise wish to display that in our brand image and marketing directives.

Our roadmap remains unchanged, except for style alone.

We are happy to have each and every one of our original token sale participants, as well as ongoing platform adopters and active members with us on this journey.

From the entire team, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to build this product and truly shape the future of the platform and industry. It truly is an exciting venture, with many more things to come.

Thank you for your interest in the the Latium platform and associated utility token. As always you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat and Discord for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.

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