Weekly Update: Bit-Z Exchange Voting

With another week of platform development, community interaction and blockchain headlines a plenty, Latium has arrived at the first exchange offer that we feel we can comfortably discuss openly without breaching any NDA or exchange listing process.

Bit-Z Open Voting

Starting Tuesday, February 13th, 15:00 +8 GMT (3:00 AM EST), Latium will be listed within Bit-Z’s token voting process. Specific information will be available below, however we will help break down the process at Bit-Z for our community user base.

Token listings at Bit-Z entail a process by which existing and new exchange users vote for whether they would like to see a given currency become available to the platform. Unlike other exchanges, this voting is not for more than one token as a competition, but instead a target goal acquisition. As Bit-Z states themselves,

“We support all potential digital asset development and we are willing to give the voting rights back to the market and our community traders.”

Bit-Z remains a Top 20 Exchange in the cryptocurrency markets

Bit-Z is a TOP 20 Exchange with an average 24 hour volume in excess of $120,000,000 USD.


In similar fashion, Latium will be available to vote at the specified time. As a loyal Latium community member, we have a unique registration that will allow for you to receive 50 FREE voting tokens allowing you to make your voice heard with a vote, without having to pay if you prefer. Keep in mind the MAXIMUM per account that may be used is 200, with a bonus structure of LATX distributed at the end of the voting period if successful listing occurs.

Bonus is distributed by weight of vote for a MAXIMUM of 100 LATX for a full 200 VTC weighted vote.

This process allows for all members of the Bit-Z exchange to maintain, as well as utilize, a voice in the proceedings of the exchange listings.

Within the Bit-Z platform, their voting token is referred to as VTC, not to be confused with another commonly known project, Vertcoin. This is an important distinction to take note of.

In summary, a total of 50 FREE voting tokens will be available through the registration link below. If you prefer, a total MAXIMUM vote weight of 200 VTC is allowable for the voting process. A bonus of 500,000 in LATX is available and distributed by vote weight if the token is successful in the voting process.

For instructions on the entire signup and verification process, please see:


To receive 50 FREE VTC, please signup with the following link: https://www.bit-z.com/user/signup?pid=1414504&lang=en

Please note, Referral ID: 1414504

For further vote progress please see:

Voting rules

Voting Start Date: February 13, 2018 15:00 (3:00 AM EST)

Voting Deadline: February 20, 2018 15:00 (3:00 AM EST)

Maximum Refundable Number of Votes: 200 VTC (Refund after vote)

Voting Range: 1 VTC — 200 VTC

Target Votes: 1,000,000 VTC

Bonus:500,000 LATX

If a digital asset meets the target goal, Bit-Z will launch LATX as soon as it is available. The bonus will be distributed to supporters according to their voting weights.

We support all potential digital asset development and we are willing to give the voting rights back to the market and our community traders.

As has been made abundantly clear in our Telegram and Discord channels, the Latium team is in discussions with exchanges. We cannot release any information on time lines or who the exchanges are at this point (other than Bit-Z). Rest assured any further announcements will be made publicly here, and via our official social media outlets.

We have been clear from the onset of the Latium project that our long-term vision entails a passion and dedication to the longevity of the Latium platform and associated utility token. We do not take any decision or discussion lightly and are dedicated to operating from logical, factual updates and announcements, rather than participating in any hyperbole or speculation.

We greatly appreciate your decision to be here with us on our journey as we further develop and propel Latium further into 2018!

Thank you for your interest in the the Latium platform and associated utility token. As always you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram Chat and Discord for the latest news, updates and developments as we progress.

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